Friday, 4 April 2014

Primark shopping!

As I've been so terribly ill, I thought I would treat myself to a little bit of retail therapy.
Now as I'm really cheap, the majority of my money was spent in Primark.
Who doesn't love cheap ol' Primani?

I've already posted a video on my YouTube channel of my little stash of goodies, and it shows me wearing them.

But here's an a little more in depth description of what I bought...

White Sunglasses - £2

Black Sunglasses - £2
Black and White Headband - £1.50

Silver Triangle necklace - £3

Pale Blue sleeveless denim shirt - £8

Burgundy Coca-Cola t-shirt - £6



    * Both t-shirts are in a size 8 and my height is 5'5.

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