Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

 Spoiler Free 
I finally got to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 last night, and my god it was amazing!

I remember when the first one came out, I was so excited, but I never went to see it in the cinema because I was terrified that I'd over hyped it for myself.
Not forgetting to mention the fact that none of my friends get as excited as I do about superheros movies.

But this time, I was making it happen, even if I would have had to go on my own.
Luckily for my ego, I didn't have to go alone.

I have a fierce and slightly stalkerish obsession with Andrew Garfield. He's so beautiful! And watching him and Emma Stone together as Spider-Man and Gwen Stacey was mesmerizing. The film is totally made by their scenes together. We got to see the witty banter between the two, and also the seriousness of their situation.
I recently read that in scene a where Peter kisses Gwen at their graduation, it was actually totally unscripted and Andrew thought that's more what Peter would have done, and it makes me think even more that he's the perfect Spider-Man.

Jamie Foxx played Electro perfectly. And I loved what Dane Dehaan brought to the movie as Harry Osborn.

This film had everything I wanted in a Spider-Man movie. It totally surpasses any of the previous installments in my own personal opinion, although I easily admit that Spiderman 2 is quite a film to beat.
I loved all the small hints and visual hints we get about possible future nemesis' for Spider-Man and I was totally fangirling about all of them. 

There's one bit I knew was coming in the movie and I couldn't wait to see how they played it out on the big screen. And when it did happen, the whole movie audience gasped and was stunned into silence.
If you've seen the film, I think you'll know which part I'm referring too. 

I can't wait to buy this on DVD so I can watch it as many times as I want.
This movie gets a 5* rating from me. 
I'm literally trawling the internet every day and every night for things to do with the next Spider-Man film. I love this series!

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