Friday, 8 August 2014

Night School: Legacy, C.J Daugherty review

The second book in the super suspenseful Night School series.
If you've read my review on the first book in the series, you'll know that I gave that five stars, and I have to say, I'm thinking of giving this book the same rating.

This book has everything I could ask for. Suspense, love, banter, witty dialogue, and flowing writing.
At the end of Night School, we learn that Allie is to be conducted into 'Night School' - the top secret organization that pretty much rules the world.
I was so excited to see what 'Night School' was all about, and how Allie would fit into all of that.

Night school as a series suffers from the ever present 'love triangle' plot point that seems to be a part of every series these days. Nowadays, I've come to loath them, and yet.. with Night School: Legacy, I don't feel that way at all.
I am genuinely torn between Carter West and Slyvain Carrel.
Carter is fiercely protective and loyal, and Sylvain is smooth and smoldering. I felt like I was going to get whiplash with the amount of times I keep changing who I though Allie should be with.
And without giving anything away, I'm quite favorable to who she's with right now.

The second to last chapter, I could envision so strongly.
Allie dragging her wounded self along the snowy road. It was so epic!

I love what the side characters like Zoe and Katie brought.
Zoe with her bluntness and Katie with her manipulative skills.
Also I just wanted to hug Nicole, she seemed so sweet.

Talking of characters, we get a slightly bigger look at the enigmatic Christopher Sheridan.
I couldn't help but want to believe me, I really want him to be a good guy.

Allie is changing into an incredibly strong character, and with what nearly happened to her at the end of this book, I'm literally chomping at the bit to start the third one Fracture.
I can't wait to be back with Allie and following her through the tough experiences of both Cimmieria Academy and Night School.

So yeah, five stars again it is from me.
I love this series!

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