Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Night School, C.J Daugherty review

Unfortunately, I'm not writing this review as a new reader. I've read this book twice before, and loved it!
That means that though I'm writing what I think about it now, I'm in no way sure of what my original thoughts and reactions were to this book.
It's a little difficult to judge plot and things because I already knew what was coming. Hey Ho, let me give it a go.

Night School is one of those books that seemed to sneak up on me.
I'll be honest and say I mostly brought it because of the beautiful cover.

I really did fall in love with this book though.
Within the first opening sentences I was hooked on Allie.
I love badass heroines, not like the usual YA save the world badass heroines, but the ones that are actually 'trouble'. I love those sort of characters!
Allie Sheridan has very easily climbed her way into the top ranks of my favourite female leads. She's brave and strong, yet empathetic and a loyal friend.
I think C.J Daugherty has created a very real girl, that I would certainly aspire to be like.
I love her small quirks, the way she counts things. It's so original and cool.

After finishing this book, I became a little obsessed, you know, in that book related way. I trolled through C.J's website, and she actually has an 'Extras' sections that has short little stories that are set before, after, and inbetween the next books. She also has reverse POV's of certain scenes, and that stuff just makes me love a book that much more.

The setting of this book is amazing. I can imagine the whole of Cimmeria Academy perfectly!
I love the idea of 'Night School' being this huge secret organization, and I can't wait to read more about it in the next book.
I love that we're finding out more about Cimmeria, Night School, and Allie's place in all of this at the same time that Allie is.

Love triangles have become the overused norm in YA novels these days, and the second I spot them, I let out a huge disappointing sigh.
This book is no different, and yet, I feel like this one actually works to this books advantage.
I love both Carter AND Slyvain.

Allie's brother Christopher is a bit of an enigma in all of this, and yet we get a fleeting glance of him on the bad side, which only raises more questions. I can wait to read more into that side of things.

All the smaller characters were equally well rounded and added more realism to this book.
I love Jo's character, and Rachel's, even Isabelle's.

I do admit that this book also threw me quite a bit.
I already had a preconceived notion of how this book would go.
I thought it was going to be supernatural. 
I kept waiting for something to jump out, a werewolf, a prophecy.. something along them lines. But it never happened.
After reading it for a second time though, I was glad for it.

I can't find fault with the writing at all. I love C.J's writing style, it flows so beautifully and I always end up reading for far later than what I intend to.
The banter in this book is so perfect! Every piece of dialogue feels genuine and real.
As I've said before. I much prefer books that don't shy away from teen swearing. I think this book benefits because of that.

There are so many questions left unanswered, but it's all in a good way.

I honestly can't wait to read Night School: Legacy, to see how Allie does in 'Night School' and how her relationships with Carter and Sylvain both progress.
Undoubtedly, I give this book five stars.

Can I just express how much I love the closing lines of this book!

And actually, if all things go as planned, I'll be going to meet C.J Daugherty in London next week. Fingers crossed!!   

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