Thursday, 18 September 2014

Night School: Resistance review

The Night School series placed itself at the very top on my favourites pile a very long time ago, back when I read the first book.
Since then, I've read and re-read all the books in this series so far and not once have they ever slipped from their place at the top. Each book just gets stronger and stronger.

Resistance is the fourth, and second to last book in the Night School series.
With Fracture being my favourite of the tree so far, I was a little nervous to start Resistance, so much so that I actually waited about three weeks before I picked up the courage to read it. Another reason I had for prolonging the inevitable, is that I HATE waiting a whole year for sequels. And though it isn't quite a year until Endgame is released, 9 months is still a very long time to wait.

As usual, when I did finally start reading it, I ended up hating my self because of how much I love this series. Within minutes I was back in tune with Allie and her tumultuous life. I actually read the whole book in one sitting because I was engrossed. 
The writing is so real and witty that I have no doubt that anyone would say and do exactly that, just how C.J Daugherty has written it when reacting to situations or talking amongst themselves.
I love Allie Sheridan. She's not made out to be this amazing girl with amazing skills because she's amazing. She's so completely normal and relatable. We so her grow, and we see her change and adapt to how she needs to be to survive. Allie is one of many favourite characters of all time!

I'm going to state now, I was solely Team Sylvain in this novel. Though I don't condone what he did in the very first Night School book, I forgave him quickly and ended up shipping him and Allie more than her and Carter. 
The passage for Allie's birthday was so incredibly beautiful that I thought I might actually tear up. He was always so attentive with her. 
And though I knew she would pick Carter, I couldn't help hoping that he would continue to be a bastard and Allie would stay with Sylvain.

Secondary characters are pivotal to this series, and they are another reason why I love this series.
Zoe and her bluntness.
Rachel and her all knowing knowledge.
Nicole, with her softness and yet deadly skill.
Carter, he seemed to take small step back in this book. His presence, to me, didn't feel as strong then with the previous instalments, but he was there when Allie needed him. 

One word I could never apply to this series is predictable, the word is thrown around a lot these days, but Night School has never been part of that crowd.
With each and every book, I've never been able to guess correctly what would happen.
The tension is like a living thing that wraps around you. Especially in Resistance when everyone knows how high the stakes truly are. Especially when they know they are all walking into a trap. The spy in the school too. I was trying not to speed read but I couldn't help but devour the words.
The actual meeting with Nathaniel. Gosh I don't think I've ever been so tense while reading a book before. My thoughts were zipping in a hundred different directions because I had no clue what would happen. 
This book was like a part of me, I could even begin to fathom why I would ever put it down or be separated from it.

What a way to a book though. God, if I didn't feel shitty enough having to wait almost a year for the next book, C.J Daugherty then ends on such a cliffhanger that I'll be counting down the days in the corner rocking slowly until I can get my hands on Endgame.

This series doesn't have the recognition it deserves. It's truly awe-inspiring. Resistance has raised the bar to a ridiculous level. I'll wait waiting impatiently until June for what I hope to be an explosive conclusion to one of the best series I've ever read.
Was there any doubt that I wouldn't enjoy this book. No. I knew I was going to love it, and I knew that it would deserve my 5 stars completely.

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