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The Immortal Rules review

Writing a review for a book that you've already read is a little difficult.
I read The Immortal Rules just over two years ago now, and I've read it about three times between then and now.
I wrote a very weak attempt at a review, back when I had no idea what I was doing, when I first bought this book, so I guess I'll see if there is anything I can salvage from that.

Almost everyone knows Julie Kagawa for her The Iron Fey series. Though I admit I haven't read that series, I mainly bought this book because I had made the grave error of bringing along the wrong book in a series I was reading on a weekend trip to the coast.

Now, I don't but books without some pretty extensive research going on first. So when I was having a little tizzy about what I would do now, I decided to do something I hadn't done before.
I went into my nearest supermarket, and then just picked a book at random, going only on the back cover. 
I was completely nervous and apprehensive about starting it, but Vampire books were so big at the time, and also one of favourite genres, I was hopeful that this would be a good one.

The Immortal Rules is the first book in a trilogy titled Blood of Eden.
The book centres on main character Allison Sekemoto, a human 'Fringer' who is killed, and then has to choose what kind of monster she becomes as she awakens as a newly made Vampire.
The book is split into four 'parts'. Human, Vampire, Monster and Wanderer. I like books that are split this way, though I don't have a particular reason as to why. I guess just because it signifies though it's the same story, it's a different section, you treat it differently.

I had the unfortunate coincidence of reading Eve by Anna Carey, just before this and couldn't quite help remarking on the similarities of the plot and story, though I didn't quite care for that book and this one bested it by miles.

I really love Allie's first section of this book. I feel you connect to her that much more because you are aware of all the trials she's had to go through before she even becomes a vampire. It's just you and her that know these things about her, as she doesn't really share her human life with those she meets throughout the book.
Her character goes through so much development, and it really is a defining factor. Allie is the embodiment of BADASS. She is tough and has a sort of cut-throat attitude because she had to. She's not afraid to challenge situations and people, or speak her mind. It's fun to watch the trouble her mouth sometimes gets her into.
I mean, who doesn't love a badass katana wielding vampire?

Secondary characters do a lot for this book too, they certainly deserve a mention. They're some of my favourites. Zeke, Stick, Jeb, Kanin and Jackel. They're all so diverse and bring so much to the world that Kagawa has created. 
I love the back and forward between Allie and Zeke. They're almost complete polar opposites. The both of them always trying to show the other the good and bad in life.

The writing is witty and fun, and I easily find myself becoming so entranced that I find hours have flown by without my knowledge. The pacing is perfect for the story and never one do I find myself bored or wanting things to hurry along. 
Though fairy books aren't quite to my taste, Kagawa's writing style and pace I think could easily persuade to give her other series a go. 

This book absolutely blew me away, and still does every time I read it. I feel like, for me, The Immortal Rules is a book I could read over and over and still not get bored of it. 

I can think of no defining bad qualities of this book. If I was nitpicking, I didn't really find it believable how easily Allie is accepted into the group she comes into contact in.
Oh, and how I wanted more on Kanin. But that's sort of a mute point because I know we see a lot more of him in the next instalment The Eternity Cure.

I don't even have to think about what my rating for this book, it 5 stars back when I first read it and it's 5 stars now too. 

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