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The Eternity Cure review

Warning: Contains minor spoilers.
Ok. I need a second to calm my brain. I literally not five minutes ago finished reading The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa.
I really love the first book in this series, and I'm happy to say that I love this installment even more!

The Eternity Cure is the second book in the Blood of Eden series, that follows the interactions and journeys or newly made vampire Allison Sekemoto.
In the first novel, Allie encounters a group of humans looking for a place populated entirely by humans, the only place of its kind.
Allie travels with this band of humans, who are unaware of the vampire in there midst and bonds especially with son of the leader Zeke. Until a fatal run in with the Raider King Jackel leads to Allie's secret being revealed and lives being lost.

Eternity Cure picks up a couple of months after the end of The Immortal Rules and Allie is on the hunt for her sire Kanin.
I love the idea and mystery surrounding Kanin, and the whole idea of Allison saving her mentor from a deluded vampire with a grudge was captivating.
Dearest Kanin, he goes through quite the ringer in this book, and we finally learn a little more about his past and the reasons behind some of the choices he has made.
It's safe to say that Kanin found his way into my heart in The Immortal Rules, but after The Eternity Cure, he has found himself a much bigger place in it. 
As an dafter thought, am I slight crazy for kind of shipping Allie and Kanin? Is that weird? I hope not.
Just with when she was down in the dungeon with him, and he was all like, 'it's you... you came...' I can kind of see it.

Along her search, Allie ends up forming a reluctant alliance with former raider king, and blood brother, Jackel.
Who might I say, it absolutely brilliant in the book. Though we see him on briefly in The Immortal Rules, his role is solely that of the 'bad guy'. Though, in this book, Jackel becomes and unlikely and sometimes undependable ally. His constant snark and comments bring some much needed comic-relief to an otherwise slightly darker novel than the first book. He stole  the spotlight every time he opened his mouth. I love him. New fictional crush? Check!

Our awesome foursome, I couldn't help but root for them, hoping beyond hope that they got everything they wanted or needed. Even though I've already read this book once before and knew what was going to happen. Though not the particulars of those situations because it had been a long while since I'd read it. 

I've never read a book with such perfect pacing. You are never wanting things to hurry along, there isn't a single dull moment in the entire novel.
In a genre that has been overworked so much in the past five years, Kagawa has surpassed many's expectations at newly released vampire books.
The story is so original and intriguing that it's easy to see why it stands out from the droves on vampire and dystopian literature.

I have to say also, that this is one of the best book endings that I have ever read. I honestly don't think I have ever been more inclined to buy a sequel than Julie Kagawa's heart-shattering final chapter and epilogue.
A jaw-dropping ending so good, not a single gif would every be able to represent any of my feelings.
What a way to end a book. Pure magic! Writers should seriously take note.

On a final note. All throughout these first two books, we see Allison changing dramatically.
From starving street rat, to newbie vamp, to badass katana wielding chick.
But the underlying concept of these books are Allie's struggles with the monster within her. Trying to decided, in Kanin's words, what kind of monster she will be.
I keep thinking back to some of the best quotes in the book.
“It's not the physical scars that are the most painful.”  - Zeke
"Lesson learned. I was a monster. I would never forget that again." - Allie
"Fight it as long as you want--in the end, the monster always wins." - Jackal
 That's just a few, but there are so many good quotes to be found in this novel.
But after the ending of The Eternity Cure, will we be finding a completely different Allie. I think so. And boy let me tell you, I don't think I've ever been so buzzed!

Well I could probably talk about this book for hours more, though you're more than likely to be bored shitless by now, so I'm signing off.

Obviously this book will never get anything less than 5 stars from me.
Julie Kagawa has ripped into my emotions so deeply, I feel a physical longing for her writing and her characters.
I can't wait to read the conclusion to one of my favourite series of all time!

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