Sunday, 29 June 2014

Beautiful Disaster book review

WARNING: This review contains spoilers, they are highlighted in red.

Underground fights. Vegas. Mobsters. Singing in cafeterias. Puppies. Fires. Parties.
This one of those books that will truly stick with you long after you've read it.

Holy shit was I not ready for this book!
I don't think I've ever been so enthralled with a book in my life!

So it's a basic premise. A good girl meet a bad boy, pretty unoriginal, yet it is so much more than that. This book has shot up into my top ten favourites. I literally sat down, thinking I'd kill an hour or two with a random book I had purchased, then low and behold, I was sucked so deep into this novel that I barely registered anything other than this book. I was so invested that I could not bare to put it down, even for a second.
I read the whole thing in one sitting and already I want to reread it so I keep it all fresh in my mind.

My high praise of this book may confuse some people, as this book has received quite a large amount of bad reviews and comments because of the main male lead.

Me being the slightly twisted person I am, love damaged, hard-edged, abrasive and fragile characters. Not fragile as in a wimp, but as in mental stability. I just find them to be the most fascinating reads.

Yes, I will admit that Travis Maddox is a flawed person, and his tendencies are borderline stalkerish and very erratic, but it is something that I admire about this book. Author Jamie McGuire must have known that not all readers would like such a character, but she wrote it anyway.
I never knew quite how I felt about these two main characters. Every chapter, my opinion would do 180's.
One minute I was praising Travis's actions, then next I was shouting at Abby for making stupid choices and decisions.
This couple were so unique that it made it even better that they were so dysfunctional and co-dependant.
I may not envy their relationship, but man was it so intense.
I can't tell you how refreshing it is read a book that isn't set in high school centred on a couple so overcome by instalove that they would do anything for the other within a day of meeting each other.

I loved this couples friendship in the beginning, then I was just on edge as them during the what-if's, then I was telling myself they wasn't right for each other even when I knew they were perfect for each other.
I felt so absorbed by Abby and Travis, that I felt like I was right along side them, experience everything that they were.

Throughout this whole book I was buzzing with barely contained excitement. Every time something even remotely interesting started to happen, my heart would sped up and I would have to rein it in so I could concentrate wholeheartedly.
It's so completely different to anything that I've read before and I loved every part of it.

The bet set up near the beginning was fun and quirky, the underground fights and gambling brought something different, and the Vegas and poker parts made this novel a little darker.
All of it makes a novel so perfect that I am so thankful I picked up.

Even the secondary characters have made their way into my heart. Especially America, she my kind of best friend.

There isn't a love triangle as such, but I feel like poor Parker got the rough end of the stick.

Of course I was trying to work out what Abby's 'dark past' could be. but my god was I not expecting the daughter of a famous poker player who grew up around monsters and could hustle thousands of dollars in just a few short hours. I really did enjoy every curve ball this book threw at me.

Now imagine my extreme excitement when I come to realise that this is actually part of a series, and that the next instalment is written from Travis's perspective.

Without a doubt I'm giving this book 5 stars,
This book has taken the number one spot book so far for 2014

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