Sunday, 8 June 2014

Insurgent Book Review

* Anything that is highlighted is considered a spoiler, 
so don't read those bits if you haven't read this book yet.

Holy shit this book was amazing!

I know a lot of middle books, second books and sequels struggle to live up to the first or original, but in Insurgent's case, I feel like that thought didn't even enter my mind.

In my opinion, Insurgent surpasses Divergent.
The was quite a bit to take in when beginning this series, and in the second one, you already know the important stuff so you are able to focus more on the story, and I feel like Veronica Roth has done the same while writing.

I love how she shows us that Tris is not ok with what she has had to do.
Just because she is Dauntless and Divergent, doesn't mean she thinks she should feel any less guilt.
But didn't she kill countless other Dauntless too?
But anyway, I have a certain fondness for slightly damaged characters. I like reading about people's struggles with themselves.

This book doesn't focus on Tris and Four/Tobias's relationship much, but I like it that way. How they are still together, though they know the other is keeping secrets, but they put all the behind them and focus on what happening instead.

Can I just say? The Factionless, I didn't see any of that coming. Four's mother, and what she wanted to achieve?

Tris goes through so much in this book. She's trying to deal with a whole boat load of grief and guilt and so much more on top of that.
Freely handing herself over to the Euridite and surrendering her fate to being tested on and studied by Janine, I loved those scenes, I was just as curious as Tris about her Divergent brain.

I was literally taking this book everywhere with me, just hoping on the off chance that I got even thirty seconds to sit and read it.
It is not very often that I can say that I was truly, truly, hooked by a book, but this one exceeded my expectations on every level.

Another of my favourite parts are when Tris and Four/Tobias are being questioned under the truth serum. That was pretty cool and I really enjoyed reading that.

Oh and I just want to mention quickly. I know that it is quite understandable and that, but Tris seems to cry an awful amount in this book. I don't see it as a bad thing, just something I noticed.

I kept coming back to what was beyond the fence in this book. And if you've finished this book, then you're already quite clued in.
But before it is even mentioned in this book I was curious. I kept thinking that there had to be something and that surely it would be mentioned. And every time it was even slightly hinted at, I was leaning forward trying equally as hard to to take everything in but reading as fast as I could to find out.

Another thing about this book that I enjoyed, is that you got to see and know a little more about the factions. I enjoyed the little time spent in the Amity faction. That comment made about not eating the bread made me giggle a little.

This book has no doubt made it into the list of best books I read. All I hope now, is that Allegiant continues the bar of excellence that both Divergent and Insurgent has created. Veronica Roth hasn't put one foot wrong in my opinion. This book was amazing!

I be lying if I said this book deserved anything less four stars. Because it deserves 5*, and I'm sure most people agree with me.
I couldn't find fault with this novel, I really couldn't.
I'm so excited to move onto the final installment of this trilogy, and I think Veronica Roth deserves every bit of praise that she gets.

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