Monday, 30 June 2014

Alice Through the Zombie Glass book review

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. They're highlighted in red.
This is the second instalment to Gena Showalter's 'White Rabbit Chronicles', picking up where the first one left off.

I know I said it before in my review of the first book, but I really do love the dynamic that the slayers and their friends have. They're just a family looking out for each other and I think that really comes across in this novel.

Yes I'm a huge fan of Gena Showalter, and to this day, I haven't read a book of hers that I have not liked. Her writing is faultless and flows perfectly in this slightly darker and creepier sequel.

Ali is.. infected, for loss of a better word, and she goes through the ringer quite a bit, but I really have grown to love her. Gena has written her character development perfectly.
Ali isn't the scared girl we met in Alice in Zombieland. She's willing to do whatever it takes to keep her friends and here only remaining family safe.. Even if it is from her. I do love me a slightly unhinged character.

On the subject of characters though, Cole.. I was more than slightly disappointed with.
It's like he did a total 180. He hardly acted like the cold stealthy badass I had come to swoon over. He was kind of soppy, and I didn't quite think it gelled with the picture that was painted of him in the first book.

Gavin and Kat are my favourites beside Ali, they both bring some much needed humour to dark situations and give us readers a good laugh.

This book seemed to take a slightly bolder approach than the first. In terms of darker content and language, which I actually appreciated and preferred.

Two things I guessed straight away.
1. Gavin and Cole would have visions.
2. Ethan was the spy - The second he was mention, I knew. Which for some people is annoying, but I didn't find it so, it kept me guessing how he was going to fit into the story.

This book was around 100 pages longer than its predecessor, but I was glad for it, because I enjoyed it much more than the first.

The one thing I wasn't too keen on was this whole battle Ali had with herself.
I was all for it at first and thought it was really interesting.
I could accept that they were wrestling inside of Ali, but when Zombie Alice could separate herself from Ali, and was walking and talking, then snapping back to Ali when she wanted.. it annoyed me a little.
If she was a zombie, why could nobody else see her?
I did like the bits when Ali was looking at her reflections though, seeing Z.A there, it was pretty cool.

It was really interesting and creepy when the girls were kidnapped by Anima. I found those scenes to be my favourite, with Ali's sheer determination not to hurt her friends and to get them out. Even if she had to take some torture.

I read through the entire book in a day and immediately got swept back into this story. I love the characters and the story dearly, so just like the first, I'm giving this book 4 stars.

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