Thursday, 5 June 2014

Divergent Book Review

*Spoiler Free
The first book the in the Divergent trilogy was published in 2011/2012, depending on which edition you have.
Since then, the books have completely blown up. The series is just as famous as The Hunger Games.

Even through all the hype around the series, I still didn't give in and buy it.
Not because I didn't want to read a book that was surrounded by so much hype. It was just for the simple fact that I was waiting until I could find the books cheap enough.
And in May 2014, I finally brought all three books together for £9.99.
What can I say? I'm a huge cheapskate.

As of the 4th of June, I have finally read the first book. And I'm sure it is no surprise when I say that I absolutely loved it!

The whole world and its story are so original. I haven't read any dystopia recently that has quite set itself apart like this one.
The idea that people are divided by factions is very intriguing, I like the idea that people are have to choose what kind of person they are going to be for the rest of their life.

I have to admit at first, in the first few chapters, I was slightly confused by which faction was which. I kept finding myself flicking back a few pages to make sure I was getting it right. But after a couple more chapters, I no longer had the problem.
By the middle of the book, I could identify the characteristics of each faction and the colour they are usually represented by.

Moving on to the main faction that we come love: Dauntless
I loved everything about this faction.
How everybody thought they were crazy, even Tris. But that's before we get to see what they are really about.
And although I obviously don't agree with some of the rules and regulations that Eric puts in place, I found myself hoping that if I were to choose a faction, that I would have chosen Dauntless too.
Their sense of comradely was amazing to read and I loved how they were completely serious but also saw the fun side of being Dauntless.

There really wasn't one thing that I could pick out that brings this book down.
The pacing is perfect and I found myself really invested in what happened to Tris. 
I also found the idea of fear landscapes really interesting and cool. How to prepare themselves, Dauntless experience their own fears, to help control them.
Putting down this book for anything less than an emergency wasn't possible. I glued from start to finish.

Lets just throw this out there..
Of course I am completely infatuated with Four. Who isn't? He was cold and sometimes brutal, but caring too. SWOOOOOON.

A definite 5* rating from me.
I've started the second book in the series, Insurgent already.

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