Monday, 23 June 2014

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown book review

* Spoiler Free
I'll be honest with the fact that the only reason I really brought this book, is because it was cheap.
Reactions to The Coldest Girl in Coldtown have been quite varied, and because of that, I placed it quite literally at the bottom of my TBR pile.

Once I read the synopsis properly though, instead of the blurb of only a sentence or two, it actually sounded like the kind of novel that I would enjoy.

Vampirism has spread like an epidemic, and to try stop the spread, whole cities have been walled in, being called 'Coldtowns' with all types of people going there and living there. Vampires delivered by bounty hunters, infected humans and vampire wannabes.
Tana finds herself in the situation where she might be infected, and her safest bet is to go to the nearest Coldtown, but she's not just travelling by herself. She finds herself in the company of an ex-boyfriend, a slightly insane vampire, and some vampire wannabe twins.

I've always been a fan of the dark, creepy, decadent and gritty things. Be it people, movies, places or books. I find them quite fascinating, so this book was right up my alley really.
I also have a very soft spot for damaged characters. Que a sexy vamp who's a little crazy and I was lapping this book up.

On the cover, it's quoted that this book is like True Blood for teens.
And I can see why people mention its similarities, but there isn't enough resemblance that you could really compare the two, which I was glad of.

Just because this novel is a stand-alone, it in no way lacks the development that would usually have happened throughout a series of books.

The world building for perfect, giving us introspection on both Tana and Gavriel.
I didn't feel like information was being dumping on me to make up for the lack of a sequel, and the whole thing flowed brilliantly.

This novel certainly lived up to what I was hoping for in the premise and I really was surprised by how much I loved and enjoy this book.

The buzz around the media, the Coldtown's and the shows emanating from them, relate to our obsessions with our own reality television, and how we wish the live the same lives as they, which made this book even more enjoyable and relatable.

 All the characters are perfect in their own way, and a very diverse bunch.
Tana is incredibly brave, but it is a reckless kind of brave, with a bunch of desperation thrown in there too. It's that, that a lot of people dislike, saying that she just willingly runs into danger without thinking of the consequences.
But I think it makes Tana that much more interesting. She does what needs doing.

I really loved Aidan and Tana's relationship. It was so different and interesting. How they tested each other constantly and the games they played. 

Ambiguous endings aren't always the best option, but The Coldest Girl in Coldtown shows us exactly how it should be done. This whole book is an example of how to do a stand-alone properly.

I leave this book being completely satisfied, and slightly sad that it is only a stand alone.

I easily and very gladly give this book 5 stars.
I'm find it hard to understand what people are disliking about it.
This novel is original, with diverse characters and an incredible setting.

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